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Multiply Your Earnings with our Multi-Level Partner Program

Take your earnings to new heights with our Multi-Level Partner Program*. You earn not only from your direct referrals, but you also benefit from the trading activities of partners they bring on board. It's a powerful way to create a passive income stream and build a network of successful partners.

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Discover how to earn up to $100 for each user you invite.

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The more clients you attract the higher is your income

Partners status

The higher your client turnover, the higher your status. Every month, the system automatically defines client turnover and assigns a new partner status. The higher your partner status, the higher your commission.

Standard standard-partner

Up to 55%

of average spread standard-coins
Professional professional-partner

Up to 65%

of average spread standard-coins
Expert standard-partner

Up to 75%

of average spread expert-coins

Program Benefits


Earn a percentage of the profits generated by your direct referrals.


Receive additional bonuses based on the performance of affiliates recruited by your referrals.


Build a flexible network and watch your income grow exponentially

How it works

  • 1. Your direct referrals become your first level, and you earn a percentage of their earnings.
  • 2. As they bring in new partners, those individuals become your second level, and you continue to earn from their efforts as well.
  • Build a flexible network and watch your income grow exponentially

*A multi-level program is available upon request. To participate in a multi-level program, a partner should send a request to the Company Support Team.

Unlock Partner Profits with Copy Trading

With our Partner Program, your earning potential goes beyond direct referrals. By introducing Copy trading to your network, you unlock a new avenue of profitability. As your clients embrace Copy trading, you not only earn from their trades but also from the trading activities of their own network. It's a seamless integration that creates a dynamic ecosystem of earning, ensuring your success is not limited by boundaries.

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